Stenciling a Valentine Porch Leaner the Easy Way!


After you get the basics down on how to create a stencil for a small sign or door hanger, with a Cricut or cutting machine, chances are you'll be tempted to give a porch leaner a try! These are loads of fun to make for all seasons but they can be intimidating because of the size.  My typical porch leaners are about 10" wide x 4 feet tall. 

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and what better way to welcome guests into your home during this season of love than with this adorable porch leaner? This is definitely a project you can tackle with a little bit of patience and some gentle guidance. I love creating beautiful stenciled signs with my Cricut and sharing helpful tips so that other women can do the same.  

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Pine Board 1" x 10" x 48"

Sanding Block


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