The Simple Things You Need To Start Your Cricut Sign and Stencil Making Journey


It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the materials you might need but I'm sharing my tried and true few with you today!

Let me help you save lots of money, time and frustration when you are starting your Cricut stencil and sign making journey.  

Many times, I find that people aren't sure where to start with materials or they've purchased what SHOULD be the right material combinations but they just DO NOT work the way they were intended to.  

It's not your fault.  There are just too many choices!😫 Luckily, less is more and you only need a handful of things to get going right away with beautiful results. 

🤔You might think it's something you're doing wrong but the truth is that it's likely the wrong materials or combo of them that you are using.  Check out the video above to get super clear on what you need and what you don't. 

Trust me...I've taught thousands of crafty people how to do this and they are always amazed what a difference the RIGHT materials make.  

If you'd like to dive into a sign making project, and find out how I use the materials I mention in the video be sure to check out my new, FREE Cricut Stencil and Sign Making Workshop...let's kick those fears to the curb for good! 

🎯 Click HERE to get access to  my free video workshop! It's only available for a limited time. 👇Learn how to create this adorable sign!

Also, I thought you might appreciate links to the materials mentioned in the video at the top of this blog post. 

Don't take it from's what Pat had to say about using the right things to get started 👇👇👇



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