Set up your Cricut for sign making in 5 minutes or less...even if it's still in the box!


It's time to make friends with your Cricut machine so you can start creating the signs you've been dreaming about making to give as gifts, hang in your home or even to sell.  

Follow the instructions in my super short video above because it's simpler than you might think. Finally, set it up with confidence in a way that will have you wanting to use it over and over again.  

Step 1. Clear a small space on a table or desk for the machine and your mat

Step 2. Make sure the machine has at least 10" behind for the mat to pull back and forth through the machine

Step 3. Fuzz your mat

Step 4. Learn what the buttons are for...(super simple thankfully!)

If you're ready to dive into the stencil and sign making journey, you're in luck because I've created a FREE workshop, just for you HERE.  It's only available for a limited time so save yourself a spot and enjoy!


p.s. if you are a DIY Decor Maker Member, head on over to the spring/summer signs...

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Why Cricut Stencil Making & Sign Painting Confidence Is Overrated


Waiting until you are super confident using your Cricut machine to cut stencils or paint signs is not only an overrated goal but is also holding you back from creating SO many gorgeous signs, porch leaners and door hangers like Babs the Bunny up there .  

 That voice telling you that you'll do it when you feel more confident is holding you back because the only thing that gets you closer to feeling more confident is just doing that project, practicing all the steps, rinse & repeat. 

Here's some really good news...You don't have to be a super confident painter or hand lettering expert to be an artist...believe me! I would not consider myself a freehand painter and my shaky hand (neuropathy from chemo) would not behave if I wanted to hand letter something either. Being able to design and use svg stencil designs was a game changer for me! It gives me the shapes to start with and then if I want to add details and layers on top, I can using very simple...

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