What's the Difference Between a Vinyl (one time use) and a Mylar (multi-use) Stencil Design?


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a design for a vinyl (one time use) stencil vs. a mylar (multi-use) stencil?  

Whether you are using a Cricut or another type of cutting machine, those two materials are different and they require different types of designs in order for them to be cut and used successfully for your gorgeous DIY signs like this one below.  This is on of the "perfect starter projects" inside the DIY Decor Makers membership and it's a great project to learn how to make both vinyl and mylar stencils for.  The size is smaller than a 12" x 12" Cricut mat so that allows for easy sizing and mylar often comes in 12" x 12" sheets whereas vinyl comes in a 12" wide roll of varying lengths.  

I'll keep it super simple and so you know how to spot a vinyl stencil design versus a mylar material stencil design from a mile away and won't ever feel unsure again.  

Mylar- plastic type material that is a reusable material that does not...

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