ONE Simple Cricut Organizational Tip

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2024

Full disclosure here crafty friend,

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that sometimes I feel like the pot calling the kettle black when I give crafty organization tips 🤣 

It only takes me approximately 2.2 seconds to turn my organized space into a hot mess express when I'm ACTUALLY creating a stencil project with my Cricut and painting signs 🎨

But it sure does help to have some great tips for set up so when I do want to dive in and have some crafty fun, I can get to it straight away!

I remember dreading the start of a sign project because I knew that meant clearing space to get going.  I'd procrastinate on creating gorgeous projects because I felt overwhelmed about not having space to lay down my mat to start cutting my stencils.  

I had to spend time shifting things around and it always felt hectic.  The problem is that I LOVE to use my Cricut and create stencils, painting signs, door hangers and porch leaners so I knew I needed a better way to set up my space. 

My house is the size of an acorn and my shop is even smaller so I have to use my space wisely if I want to be able to enjoy the journey of creating.  

All I had to do to save hours of time and frustrations was to create a clear space for my Cricut mat!'s as simple as that. It doesn't even have to be on the same table or surface as your machine.  If you ALWAYS have a clear space to set your mat down, you'll be a hundred steps ahead when you want to get right to work.  

When you are finished working on your project, you can leave splotches of paint all around, gold leaf flying in the air and dirty water cups on your work table but whatever you do, be sure you've left ONE space free and clear for that Cricut mat. The next time you are ready to cut your stencil design, you'll be good to go and won't have that "ugh....I've got to move everything around to get started" feeling.  

I hope this quick tip helps you kick of 2024 as one of your most crafty years yet.  

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