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If your answer is YES, you're in the right place. 

If you’d love to use a Cricut to create gorgeous stenciled decor like signs, porch leaners, and door hangers, but the idea of new tech makes you 😩break out in hives😆, or you are drowning in info overload, I've got you covered. 
😩I was also stuck for too long in the You Tube and Pinterest rabbit hole. It got me no closer to my crafty goals.
😫After wasting way too much time on tutorials that left me more stuck and overwhelmed than I was before, I decided there had to be a simpler, better way to learn this “cricut stencil thing”.

🤩Fast forward a few years and now I’ve taught hundreds of women how to create gorgeous, stenciled decor with their Cricuts, in my Exclusive Membership, so I’ve created a FREE mini class that reveals...
🎉My 5 Step Method for using the Cricut to create stenciled signs & decor with more joy and less overwhelm so you can get straight to creating faster and easier!
🎉3 major mistakes to avoid that will hold you back from creating all the pretty things, like these porch leaners my customers created!


You want to use a Cricut to make signs & decor

BUT, you feel like this...

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  • I love teaching crafty ladies like you how to make custom stencils with a Cricut without overwhelm because I know you want to get straight to creating with more JOY and less OVERWHELM.
  • I wasted so much time and money on the wrong materials, and tutorials that left out important steps. I knew there had to be an easier way. So, I created the 5 step method that I've used to teach hundreds of women how to start creating and they are crossing Cricut decor projects off their lists inside the DIY Decor Makers Membership group every day.
  • It IS POSSIBLE to create your first stenciled project in 7 days or less with a Cricut.You'll just need to start with the basics and the right projects that will make you feel successful.  
  • If design space scares you, don't worry,I know tech is scary.  I'd still have a flip phone if it wasn't for my tech savvy husband lol. You just need tutorials that walk you through each step and a place to ask questions along the way.  
  • Learning the Cricut isn't hard, there's just a lot of pieces.  If you know where to focus and how to start, the pieces can easily be put together so you can start creating right away with confidence and MORE JOY. 

4 Reasons why your stenciled signs don't look the way you hoped😩


Meet our Member Melody

🥰Meet Melody owner of  Polished Timbers. She has really taken off with her Cricut and creating so many amazing pieces to sell!

“I have always enjoyed creating and decided to start a small business , Polished Timbers, after retiring from 30 years of teaching! I thought a Cricut would be a great addition but had no idea where to begin and was a little scared! Then I found Reta and the DIY Divas! It has been the perfect place for me to learned to create with my Cricut, develop friendships, find support, and stretch my Creativity!” -Melody

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I'm so happy you are here! 

I love teaching crafty ladies how to create unique  signs and decor with their Cricut machines so they can decorate their homes or sell in their business.

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