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$15 Watch ANYTIME Online Cricut Stencil & Sign Making Workshop

Learn to Use Your Cricut to Create Gorgeous Signs, & Kick your Cricut Fears to the Curb!

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What if you could...

Create these adorable snowman signs to give as gifts, decorate your home with or even sell, even if you are afraid to get started with your Cricut?

Inside this Watch ANYTIME Online Workshop I'll teach you step-by-step how to use a Cricut to cut a stencil and paint 2 adorable snowmen signs! It's simple with the right, easy to follow instructions that can be done in 5 days or less! Haven't turned on your machine yet? I've got you covered! This workshop is Designed for YOU!

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If you’re intimidated about creating stencils with your Cricut and painting signs this is the perfect project to get you going!

Feeling guilty about that Cricut hiding in the box or you've had trouble creating stenciled signs in the past? 

  • You'll gain so much confidence and feel so proud of the sign you create! 
  • Learn to use your Cricut with more joy and less frustration!
  • You'll get amazing results with the simple paint finish tips and techniques!
  • You might even surprise yourself and sell a few! 
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Are you trying to learn "all the things" to get your first Cricut sign project done BUT... feel SO afraid to start because you are stuck in info overload?

Good News! You don't need to learn it ALL to complete your first gorgeous sign❤️ 

Follow my SUPER simple step by step tutorials inside this workshop...


  • This Beginner Project is designed to break everything down in digestible bites
  • Get that Cricut Set Up with confidence and finally  feel excited to use that little machine you spent good money on. 
  • Enjoy the journey and calming effects of sign painting with all the right, simple supplies
  • Use Cricut Design Space without feeling like you want to throw your computer out the window 
  • Say goodbye to wasting money on materials that end up in the trash or collecting dust. 
  • Plus, I’ll be sharing some of my best stenciling tips! 
  • Once you sign up, you will get a complete & simple supply list with an option to use cardstock or poster board ( in case you don’t have stencil vinyl or mylar on hand) 
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You'll learn exactly how to…

  • Upload the svg designs the EASY WAY, even if you've tried before and it hasn't worked. I've got you covered. 
  • Size your design in Design Space correctly each time!
  • Learn the difference between a vinyl vs. mylar stencil
  • Cut & prep mylar (reusable) & vinyl  (one time use) stencils
  • Paint & stencil so you get beautiful results
  • My best “no bleed” & “touch up” tips
  • Create 2 fun farmhouse paint finishes
  • Add details to make your stenciled signs pop!

LOTS of Tech Support & Resources and help to get you going & SO MUCH MORE!!

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Instructions are designed with the

"Tech Terrified" in mind!

Whether you are a just getting started or you're a Cricut master, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create  stenciled ☃️Snowman Signs  from start to finish!🎉 with support along the way!

Start Creating Signs Today!
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Let me show you how I've helped thousands crafty women, just like you, make hundreds of signs with their Cricuts, even though many were afraid to take it out of the box!

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  • WATCH ANYTIME  with lifetime access
  • Step By Step Simple Instructions
  • You'll have immediate access to the supply list, svgs 
  • FREE Workbook-if you like step by step, written instructions with images to walk you through, you'll love this resource!
  • You can even make a stencil with simple supplies like card stock if you don't have stencil vinyl or mylar on hand
  • This Workshop is perfect for using the Cricut Explore, Explore Air, Explore Air 2, Explore Air 3, or The Maker & Maker 3.

Worried you can't do this? Don't be!

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Pinning stenciled decor and then never making it is like... planning a vacation you never go on...

Where's the fun in that?!?

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Hi, I'm Reta!

 Owner of Picked and Polished & creator of The DIY Decor Makers Group. I am passionate about teaching women how to use their Cricut machines to create gorgeous stenciled signs and decor for their homes or to sell.  

I believe that crafting and creating should be something that is relaxing and brings you JOY instead of something that brings frustration and intimidation. So, I created the DIY Decor Makers Membership which is where I've taught over 1,000 ladies, just like you, how to create with their Cricuts so they can enjoy the journey of creating signs! 

I'm determined to help you feel confident and supported each step of the way. 

You don't have to learn it ALL about the Cricut to start creating beautiful signs!

My passion for sharing and encouraging women began with my cancer journey. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 colo-rectal cancer. Creating really allowed me to navigate my way through a very difficult time in our family's life. 

I'm lucky enough to be cancer free now, and I'm grateful to live each day, teaching what I love.

I can't wait to create this adorable snowman sign with YOU!

Start Making Signs With Your Cricut!


Here's some common questions from past workshops 😘

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  • I pinky promise your questions will be encouraged and you will feel the love and support as you learn. 

I hope to see you on the inside 🥰Reta