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Learning how to use your Cricut to cut and design stencils


being able to paint signs with confidence

Your Cricut Sign Making Journey Starts HERE

What if...

You Could Say Goodbye to Cricut Confusion and Frustration, Ditch Wasting Hours on YouTube


 Started Creating Signs that you were so proud of with a community that will cheer you on every step of the way?

✓  Transform Your Sign-Making Dreams into Reality Without Feeling Overwhelmed or Afraid of Your Machine, Computer "stuff",  or the Painting Process.  

 ✓ Spend time doing something for YOURSELF that brings you joy, is relaxing and allows you to make finished signs that you'll be proud to display, gift or sell. 

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Would you like to:

➔ Learn how to easily make signs with your Cricut?

➔Start customizing your sign projects

➔ And FINALLY start putting that little magical machine to use?

If you answered YES, then I'm really glad you're here. I've created the DIY Decor Maker membership because creating signs should be fun and relaxing not stressful and frustrating! I've spent the last 5 years creating easy to follow, step by step videos and resources so you can enjoy the creative journey with us! 
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You have so much creative talent...

You just need a little support, encouragement and the right simple steps to follow ❤️

Everything you need to learn to complete your first sign, in a Perfect Starter Project!

First, you'll pick your perfect starter project. This will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get a good foundation for sign making with your Cricut, even if your machine is still in the box! This gets you set up for SUCCESS from the START!

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But how can you make swoon worthy signs, when you've gotten so frustrated or stuck before?

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following my proven step by step process, detailed instructions and getting support to all of your questions along the way! You'll see that not only can you totally rock sign making with a Cricut but you can make so many signs you'll be proud to give or sell!

This membership is
unlike those ginormous groups with little personalized support or confusing tutorials (that leave out steps😫) you've tried before.

A Collection of OVER 100 Start to Finish, Watch Anytime, Sign Project Tutorials

Feel so proud of the signs that you make!

with over 100 start to finish, step by step tutorials that include how to size and cut the stencils in Design Space, stenciling, paint finishes and embellishments! Plus, get access to all the supply lists and svg choices for each one!

New tutorials added each month too!

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Bite Sized Design Space Tutorials

You don't need to learn it all at once to start creating! Everything you need but nothing you don't, in easy to digest pieces, so you don't feel overwhelmed. 

Kick your tech fears to the curb

These tech resources are made for you if you feel tech challenged 🤣 and frustrated by all that "computer stuff'!


The more you learn the more questions you'll have!

that's why we have loads of support inside our private Facebook community! Plus, 1:1 video support...say what?!

No more wasted time searching for the perfect designs for your projects!

You'll have access to hundreds of projects with multiple svg design options for each one! You'll always have design inspiration waiting for you!

Learning new paint finishes turns inspiration into your creation!

Learn how to create so many fun finishes that you seen on signs you've been wanting to create & set your signs apart with the paint finish library of tutorials!

Building your own projects will feel so empowering!

Stop waiting for someone else to build all those small wood projects you want to decorate and stencil.  Learn how you can build projects without fear of power tools, inside the Build It Bonus tutorials!

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Want to know why most of the projects you've tried to create didn't come out the way you've wanted YET?

Watching random 'how to' videos doesn't work because:

➔ You're trying to learn too  many different types of projects at once and you have hit the dreaded INFO OVERLOAD 🥺 that leaves you frozen with fear and overwhelm. 

➔ You're not getting set up with the simple and correct materials that are specific to sign making

➔ You feel more stuck and unsure with each video you watch because they aren't meeting you where you are at

➔ There isn't a clear path to follow from start to finish 

➔ You don't have a place to get your questions answered or get encouragement so you don't get stuck along the way


The DIY Decor Makers Membership will  get you rocking and rolling with sign making because:

➔ You'll get a roadmap of exactly where to start!

➔ You will begin with a perfect starter project that is Step By Step and SO easy to follow

➔ You'll learn in digestible bites while you practice each step that meet you where you are at

➔ You'll have an encouraging place to ask your questions and get 1:1 support

➔ you'll get set up with a few of the right materials so you'll be starting on the right foot!


Start Using Your Cricut to make signs HERE!

And what about the 3 common mistakes that
will keep you from creating all those gorgeous signs you've pinned!

You think you have to be good at 'tech stuff' to get started

If that were true, I'd never be teaching this stuff! lol Seriously though, tech stuff makes me want to break out in hives. Let me show you how simple it can be. 

You try to learn too many things about the Cricut or Sign Making at once

You feel super overwhelmed and stuck in info overload mode! Good NEWS...You don't have to learn it all to start creating. You just need the RIGHT first steps in an order that makes sense!

You're missing some simple but important steps and techniques that will give you the looks you want to create!

you just need to learn how fun and and simple the techniques can be to recreate them. 

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Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • You design, cut, and stencil your first signs with success!
  • Your sign making and Cricut confidence gets better with each new project!
  • You enjoy the creative journey instead of feeling frustrated
  • You quickly start adding on to what you learn in digestible bites that make so much more SENSE!
  • You know you're part of a community that cares about you individually, cheers you on & will answer your questions in a kind and supportive way. 

What would it be worth to you, to feel like you are a confident Cricut User and Sign Maker?

Don't wait to join us!

Hi, I'm Reta Frekot, and here's what I'd like to share with you...I'm a teacher FIRST and small business owner second.  That means your success is always my focus🥰


Don't let your fear of technology or that little machine stop you from creating all the signs you've been wanting to make!

Within a week of joining us:

  • you will be making your first signs with confidence
  • feel like even if you get stuck, you've got the support and resources you need to continue creating without feeling frustrated
  • you will be sharing your signs with pride
  • you'll be building a strong foundation of sign making with your Cricut and design space so you can add to that each and every month!

Here's what it's meant to our members...

Join us and let me help you every step of the way!


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* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to be sure you can keep growing and even CUSTOMIZING your projects! 

I also want you to have the opportunity to sell the projects that you'll make with me, to make some $$$ too!

You'll want to learn some other fun ways to use your Cricut, once you get the hang of stenciling signs, right? 

This Bonus project collection will give you the confidence to try things like making ornaments with vinyl, custom t-shirts, etching glass, using infusible inks on material and so much more!

So, I've included these project tutorials as well! 


No more bow envy! Learn how to EASILY create gorgeous bows and embellishments

This collection of bow making and embellishment tutorials will have you making bows in no time, even if you've struggled with that in the past! Trust me...I was one of those people!

Creating CUSTOM Designs will open up so many new possibilities!

Once you get rocking and rolling with all of the projects, we don't want you to stop there! This collection of tutorials will help you start to customize designs so you can bring your ideas to life and create your own SVGS!


Start Making Money doing something that you LOVE.

Learn how to price your signs with my 'how to price handmade' training & enjoy all the benefits of having the rights to sell any project we create together as well as teach them in local workshops!

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Don't miss your chance to create these amazing projects and enjoy the journey along the way! 

Click below to watch the video and see a small sampling of what you'll find on the inside!

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⬇︎ It's TIME for you to invest in yourself ⬇︎




  • 3 perfect Starter projects
  • Design Space Bite Sized Tutorials
  • Over 100 Start to Finish Projects
  •  Library of Paint finish Tutorials
  • New Live Monthly Cricut Decor Project 
  •  Library of Build It Bonuses  
  •  Access to exclusive member site and Private Facebook Group to ask your questions
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One Annual Payment

  • EVERYTHING you get in the monthly membership but you ONLY Pay 1 time for the entire YEAR of ACCESS! 
  • Plus YOU'll SAVE $167! the first year
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Here's what's included in
the DIY Decor Makers Membership!

With this membership you'll get:

1. Access to 6 Cricut Perfect Starter Sign Projects for Beginners (Value $120)

2. Over 100 start to finish  Cricut Sign tutorials with supply lists (Value $2700)

3. Beginner Tech Support Tutorials (Value $100)

4. Bite Sized Design Space Tutorials (Value $200)

5. Over 25 of Build it Bonus Tutorials and supply lists (Value $1,000)

6. Over 200 SVG Designs (Value $300)

7. BONUSES-worth $400

  • Rights to sell physical projects, teach in local workshops and pricing training  
  • Bows and Embellishments tutorials
  • Bonus Project Tutorials

8. Support from Reta and her team of AMAZING community coaches including 1:1 support videos...(PRICELESS!)

9.Exclusive access to your own member site and encouraging community inside a facebook group...(PRICELESS)

Plus SO much more!


 Total Value = ($4,700)  

I'm Reta, I'm so glad you are here! Click to become a member

I love teaching women just like you how to make beautiful decor using their Cricut machines, stencils and paint. 

My passion for sharing and encouraging women began when I quit my job as a teacher to stay home my little girls. It was really by accident that I dove into creating a side hustle business of making and selling decor.
But  in 2014, I got the devastating  diagnosis of Stage 3 colo-rectal cancer. My kids were only 5 and 2.  That’s when I started creating and leaning into my love for DIY projects as a means to navigate my way through a very difficult time in our family’s life.
This new found passion allowed me to make the most of every moment and enjoy my life, in spite of my diagnosis, treatment and surgeries.  Today, I’m cancer free and grateful to live each day doing what I love and sharing my passion with others in this online creative group.
How do I know you can create stenciled signs and decor with your cricut machine too?
When I started creating decor for my home and to sell, I had no idea what a Cricut was or how to design my own stencils. I was REALLY limited and frustrated that I couldn't customize projects and using those paper stencils from Walmart was taking me HOURS of painful process just to make one sign. I finally got a Cricut and I was so excited but it didn't take me long to realize that the process of learning how to use it was frustrating and SLOW. I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure it out.
I decided there had to be a better way. I dug into my "teacher brain" and knew if I could get through cancer, I could figure this "Cricut Thing" out. I created a method and steps that take out all the guesswork and found the fastest, simplest ways to get you creating without overwhelm!

In my DIY Decor Makers Group I’ve helped hundreds of ladies just like you become experts at creating custom decor with a Cricut. They also have learned how to recreate paint finishes and build small projects! 

I've Still Got Questions

No problem - We've got answers!

Are you ready to start creating signs with your Cricut without overwhelm?


I'll see you on the inside!

👉 Yes! I'm Ready 👈

Are you ready to start creating signs with my Cricut without feeling overwhelmed!

We've got you and will cheer you on every step of the way.

I'll see you on the inside!

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