Sign Making Made Simple with a Cricut


Sign Making Made Simple with Your Cricut 

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So you finally got that Cricut you had been eyeing for Christmas, but it’s been over a month and it’s still in the box. You’ve perfectly curated a Pinterest board full of Cricut project ideas you’re dying to try, but you have a major case of analysis paralysis that has prevented you from getting started. What’s the deal?


Not to worry friend, you are not alone. Since starting Picked and Polished and The DIY Decor Makers Group, I have worked with hundreds of ladies who started right where you are now. The key is that they started. They let go of the belief that making signs and home decor with Cricut has to be hard or frustrating and they dove in head first. Now they’re making beautiful signs with confidence and some have even started their own businesses selling their work!    


If you’re ready to dive in and embrace your crafty side in 2023, I would love to help. I put together 5 simple steps to help you say goodbye to your cricut sign-making fears and hello to confidence, fun, and beautiful signs!  


Step 1: Choose the Perfect Starter Project

Oh, do I have the perfect starter project for you! This simple winter truck design makes the cutest rustic winter sign with a touch of creative flare. This is a great design for beginners to practice with and build up your confidence.


Step 2: Pick the Right Simple Materials

Save time and money by knowing exactly what you need for the project. Avoid buying lots of the wrong materials, and instead, buy a few of the right ones. There are only 5 simple things you really need that will set you up for success and I share all of these things in my free mini class.  


Step 3: Learn the Basics of Design Space

With any good project, it’s important to learn the basics and establish a foundation before you try to jump to the finish line. Just as you wouldn’t try to elaborately decorate a cake without first creating a solid base, you shouldn’t try to tackle a difficult project without first learning the basics of design space and sign making. Once you know the basics, you can start with simple signs and build from there. 

 Step 4: Learn the Right Paint Techniques

How you go about painting your signs matters. If you aren’t using the right techniques or the right materials, you may run into bleeding and chipping and nobody wants that!


Step 5: Ask Questions

When you’re learning something new, you will undoubtedly have questions and that’s perfectly okay! Asking questions and learning from the answers is how you grow and progress. Never be afraid to ask questions. I’m happy to help!


Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and start creating? Start with my winter-themed wall-hanging, perfect for these snowy months. In this free tutorial, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the design and implementation process so that you can walk away with a beautiful sign and new-found confidence in Cricut creating. Join me by clicking on the link below. Can’t wait to see you there!


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